The factory F.lli Filippini was born in Verona in 1936, as a small workshop made by a few, but very skilful goldsmiths. In the years its developement was strong, with an increase both in production, prestigious and qualified, and in share, that comes from a type of goldsmith sole and very recognisable in time.
Filippini, in addiction to a "traditional" and more usual type of goldsmith, concentrate itself on its tipical clothes of gold, for whom it’s internationally known, still hand-made: they’re a lot of types of meshes in yellow, white and red gold, available in various sizes and models, always realized with the same quality and perfect making that always characterized the company.   
Filippini’s style is being unmistakable by the refined particulars, by the attention and the extreme care with whom every jewel is realized, by following tradiction and history: the heritage of ancient goldmith’s tecnichs of the past is fused with modern tecnology that raises it and revalues it in time, to make every jewel unique and unmistakable.

In 1984 was born the jewel's line "Gemma Gioielli", from the experience of Filippini and from his precise need of creating fashon objects made precious and bright by the presence of diamond and precious stones. 
Gemma Gioielli immediately occupies a particular place in the world of gold, with the proposal of very caracteristic and brave collections.    
Original, sophisticated and very refined realization technics, unusual forms, the exclusive use of gold cloth, together with stones and classic drawings, made the jewels of this atelier something immediately recognizable.
The cultural and trendy references are those, soft and a little bit retrò, that make the objects timeless precious forms. 
So, an interpretation of a fashon that exalts the game, deliciously womanly, of aconcious and desired seduction. Gemma Gioielli, in the passing of time, goes on "weaving" his own ideas with unchanged fantasy, dedicating them to the woman that loves beautifing themself with distinctivly precious jewels. 

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