From the great passion of contemporary art and from the friendship with many artists, was born the prestigious and only line of portable sculptures. The propulsive basic idea of this production is of transferring the artist's work in a precious jewel made for being wore: so an art lived by oneself, a "wearing art", where everybody feels the emotion to become part of an exclusive work of art, thought and designed by an artist.
This ambitious project, started many years ago, is followed with passion and devotion by Marina Ruggieri Filippini, which studies every artistís jewel with different techniques and uses several handicraft working, to respect the particular style of every artist.
Therefore, they are jewels made still more precious by an artistís style, who expresses all his creative inspiration by planning and moulding gold and precious stones to form an unique and exclusive work of art, dedicated to a careful, original and demanding public.
Every portable sculpture is an original piece (in 8 pieces), exactly as sculptures, and it's numbered and signed by the artist. Every jewel is also enclosed with its certificate of authenticity signed by the artist himself.
This of Artistís Jewels is a quite unexplored art sector, even if it has been already existing since some decades, but itís, above all, in these last years that there has been a real boom, also considering the rising interest on this from mass-media, galleries, Museums, collectors, critics and all the operators of contemporary art: there is an increasing of expositions, demonstrations, happenings, performances, auctions and even the birth of museums dedicated to this very particular form of art entirely.
The collection of portable sculptures is already been shown in expositions and Museums of international level, in modern art Fairs, in fashionable happenings and shows, and in modern and contemporary art galleries, such as Marlborough Gallery in Montecarlo (where is always present our corner), Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistŗ in Verona (where jewels are exposed in a window), Marlborough Gallery in London, Galerie 1900-2000 in Paris, Ferrero Gallery in Nice, L'Archimede in Rome, Ben Brown Gallery and Didier Antique in London, Claudio Poleschi of Lucca, Barbara Bassi in Cremona, Arevalo Gallery in Miami, and many others. A lot of pieces were published on the most authoritative magazines of jewels, art and fashion, as well as on specific catalogues of Artistís Jewels, that in last years is earning a space of all relief inside of world-wide cultural panorama.
From 2001 this project participate also to "Impresa e Cultura Award" (Company and Culture), that rewards companies who invest in culture's projects.
In 2002 and 2003 Filippini also signed the realization of "The Silver Camera"  OPEN Award - Mimmo Rotella Foundation, organized during the International Sculpture Exposition OPEN, at Venice Lido during the Venice's International Exposition of Cinema, under the of the great French critic Prof. Pierre Restany. The award goes to a film participating to the Cinema Festival that evidences a relationship between art and cinema. In 2002 the award went to the film "Frida" of Julie Taymor, dedicated to the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and in 2003 the award went to the film "Zatoichi" of the Japanese Takeshi Kitano, who also won the Silver Lion (2nd Award) and the Critic Award at the 60į Film Festival.
From 2003 Filippini realises also the price ďGolden RoseĒ of french artist Jean Claude Farhi: it's the Novecento Editrice of Palermo that give this price every 2 years to a great personality in arts and culture.
Beside the regular work of promotion, spreading and exposition of the existing collection, through contacts with gallerists, museumsí directors, critics, and so on, there are in the meantime tightening new collaborations with other artists of international renown, in order to widen more and more this artistic plan.
The big art critic Pierre Restany wrote on Arman's and Folon's jewels: "The artistís jewels are the touching testimony of two stylesí meeting, that of artist and that of goldsmith. Two styles, two creations that find a harmony and create a new artís object. These jewels fascinate us because they move us and surprise us. Inside of them, an Armanís collector, a Folonís amateur will see almost palpitate the soul of their favourite artists. Inside of them they will find, in a flashing moment, the stop-image of the whole film of a work and a creative search. Undoubtedly is that the secret of Marco Filippini, goldsmith and jeweller, and of his wife Marina: to know to evidence the human dimension of an artistic work. This is the authentic motivation of their engagement. This couple wants to be constantly close to the artist to better express his spontaneity and formal truth. Their jewels, simple or complex, very express the truth of who conceived the shape of them. They arenít pure decorative elements, they are symbolic emblems of a creative search: a summit meeting between the artist and the artisan, in the name of the most sincere respect of the mutual roles. Filippini's creations have an extremely limited pulling: the commercial operation is quite secondary. Compared to the eager giants for precious commerce Marco Filippini is a Lilliputian Peter Pan who lives with the greatest fervour a dream so big than reasonable, that of create the refined version, one novel gold section, of a miniaturised museum of the protagonists of contemporary art, a pocket museum where the artists naturally find our place."


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